At Sarada Homes we don’t pride ourselves on the number of houses we build every year, but rather by the quality of each individual project. From our draftsmen, engineers and building certifiers, to our contractors, we choose our people wisely to ensure they carry that same focus on delivering the best.

Most of our projects are custom designed homes to suit the individual’s needs. You can pick and choose from floor plans from our Range or provide your own sketches or inspirations; we welcome ideas from pictures in magazines or online of any details or finishes you might want to see in your home. We involve you as much as possible in the design process and are happy to incorporate changes during construction to ensure you are fully satisfied with every choice and detail of your home.

From small country cottages, investment homes, owner occupier dreams, blocks of units, right through to waterfront mansions, or anything in between, we have done it before.

Talk to us about our exceptional structural advantages, energy efficiency, and finishes, achieved through choices of materials and specifications, that come as standard with every home we build.

Every project we undertake, small or large, is built to the same high standard. You can be assured your money is well invested and your property will retain its value for many years to come. With 5 years of building experience overseas, and working on the Gold Coast and the Gold Coast Hinterland since 2006, we have the experience and ability to create the best in the industry. See, and experience for yourself, why SARADA HOMES are sure FOUNDATIONS FOR YOUR FUTURE.


Since the beginning of time beauty has existed to please the eye and feed the soul. It serves as a source of inspiration for man, who evolved it into the arts, such as painting, music, poetry and building. Behind them all  is the mind and eye of an artist with the vision to create something unique and wonderful. 

Though limited in the ability to create perfection, all artists share a common bond with nature’s Great Master Artist and that is the pleasure felt when we look at the works created by our own hands and the deep satisfaction of knowing we have done our  very best. 

“As a child, I watched fascinated, as my grandfather spent days chiselling just a single piece of stone until it would fit perfectly into the wall of the house he was building. Stone by stone I could see not only the beauty of his work emerge but the pride he took in it as well.”


“This is the FOUNDATION of my passion in the building industry. Many years ago, while building my own first home, I discovered I could craft something special with my tools, look back, and be truly pleased with the finished product. During my building career, I was fortunate enough to build overseas. The Germans, particularly, confirmed my desire for perfection with the belief that if something was worth doing then it had to be done properly. I personally guarantee to build, and quality control, every home like it was my own.”

John Babic

Owner & Builder